Australasian Piano Technology

Brent Ottley is a Master concert Technician based in Melbourne providing Tuning, Regulation, Voicing and Repairs, specialising in Grand Pianos.

Piano Tuning

Brent returns to Piano servicing in January 2018 after operating his Melbourne based, Australasian School of Piano Technology which has provided Australia with over thirty next generation qualified tuners.

With over twenty-five years professional experience Brent once again offers his expertise in tuning and servicing in the greater Melbourne area.


Tuning a piano produces an equal temperament scaling with a certain pitch. The pitch of the piano is subject to variations due to external factors such as frequency of use and changes in temperature and humidity. All piano require tuning on a regular basis.


Regulation has a great influence on the overall expression of the piece of music being played. Even minute changes in finger pressure should be transmitted to the strings to create the desired tones easily.

Every part should respond to these changes and work efficiently and smoothly. The desired touch should be even across the keyboard - not too heavy and not too light.


Voicing is an important operation which is carried out in order to refine and improve the sound to the best possible extent for better musical quality and tonal balance. Without this procedure the sound of all pianos becomes harsh and aggressive. Correct voicing is essential for character and colour of tone.


Repair With thousands of moving parts, repairs eventually become necessary. Strings break and felts wear. Uneven touch or notes not playing may indicate the need for repairs. If the piano doesn't sound right or feel right, it probably isn't!